UDK Line

UDK Line - Fully Automatic Servo Mitre Circular Sawing Machine
"• Fully automatic Mitre Pipe Cutting machine
• Servo material feeding system
• Servo vertical cutting system
• Servo Saw Head rotating system (± 45°)
• Pneumatic clamping system
• Nolinear vertical cutting system for cutting the tubes and solid bars to decrease the cutting time and for the long blade life . In this system vertical cutting speed is changing while cutting the material.
• 200 programs to save the all parameters for cutting again the same material.
• PLC controlled touch screen panel,
• 20 rpm to 100 rpm blade speed by invertor,
• 1.200 mm feeding length.
• Over 1.200 mm multiply feeding,
• 4 different cutting length adjustment in one material
• High performance gear box designed in accordance with continuous working conditions,
• Cutting head with vertical movement having linear guide system,
• Backlash eliminating device prolongs the life of saw blade
• Coolant tank with box to collect chips and electric pump for blade lubrication and cooling,
• Light warning system activated following the end of the material and the reach of the required cutting quantity

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