CPL Line

CPL Line - CNC Plasma Cutting Machines
Uzma CPL Series Plasma Cutting Machines has a double side gear drive and it’s designed with strong steel construction for positioning capability at high speeds. You will have a precise cutting ability at X-Y axis with linear guide ways and 30m/min speed. It has ability to mantain constant at the same height and the quality, with the Arc-THC control sensor.

Standard Accessories
"• Hyperther Edge Pro CNC Control Unit
• Windows based CNC control unit.
• Plasma Power Source Hypertherm
• Manual Gas Consol- Hypertherm
• Cutting plate alignment function with Laser
• Manual or Automatic cut selection
• Torch positioning with laser light
• Automatic ignition torch system
• Automatic Torch Hight Control (Uzma Sensor THC)
• Torch collision protection.
• +/- 45° manual bevel cutting
• Dual side Helical rack, pinion and AC Servo motors on X axis which gives smooth and fast motion
• Syncronised drive gives smooth and without vibration motion.
" "• Brushless AC servo motors on all axis
• High precious positioning possibility with linear sledge system on all axis.
• Platform type on bridge side or Portable CNC control panel
• CNC control outputs/inputs for vacum table & filtering unit
• High vacuming capability with lower energy consaption
• Independent cutting table system
• Multi head Plazma and multi head oxy fuel cutting possibilities.
• +/- 0,02 mm positioning accuracy.
• +/- 30m/min positioning speed

" Gear Box & Motors
"• MITSUBBISHIi or SIEMENS AC Servo Motors and Drivers
• Planet Type gear box : EISELE (Germany) or LIMING (Taiwan)
• Resolver controlled motors

" Main Features
"• Visual opportunity to cut comfortable with 15” TFT LCD Touch Screen Monitor
• Positioning capability at high speeds through double-sided gear drive
• Ability to maintain constant at the same height and the quality with arc contor sensor
• 30.000 mm / min speed with linear quide ways. Linear and precise cutting ability at X and Y Axis
• Possibility of sorting hundreds of pieces on the plate with single click
• Opportunity to see the duration of the cut and the percentage of the waste on the screen
• Bridging System; cutting dozens of pieces with a single blasting
• Ability to cut different sizes with minimum space and without any quality losses
• Remmant plate stock management database with optional Auto Nesting program which means economy in time and material.

"• Machine can be manufactured on requested dimensions from 1,5 x 3meter till 6 x 36 meter
• 1 piece of plasma cutting head and aditionaly Plasma head & Oxy torches can be added
• Sensitive and rigit body resistance to high speeds
• Y motion system : Linear Rail system and precision gear Helical Rack, pinion
• Double driver rack linear rails
• X Axis : Parallel connected to the surface with rack and linear rails
• Linear Rails : INA (Germany) or COMTOP or TBI (Taiwan)
• Helical Rack-Pinion system : ATLANTA (Germany)

" Table System
"The cutting tables are designed with air absorbing feature and are automatic cover controlled and changeable grill system. As a result of this design, filter that can be connected to the tables clears poison gasand fume risk and provides clean working area. Tables are produced seperate and strong to avoid damage during the loadingprocess Pneumatic valves located behind of the table are getting the position codes from the CNC unit and are oppening the flaps which are working with pneumatic pistons for the most effective suction
" "• Strong Steel construction
• Pneumatic working
• Automaticly opens the area where cutting process is performed
• Removable drawers under cutting table
• Structured cutting table for ventilation and smoke extraction system
• Cutting table for cutting in water (optional)

" Hypertherm Edge Pro CNC
"• Easy and flexible operation by graphic user interface and softmotion technology.
• Windows® XPe
• Touch screen display designed specially for industry. • Strong and reliable processor.

• 15 inch glass touchscreen (surface acoustic wave technology)
• Standard PC power supply.
• Manual and automatic command during oxy cutting
• USB input to load shapes.
• Possibly to follow cutting process from the screen.

" HPR Plasma Unit Features
"• The outstanding reliability. Hi-Performance plasma systems use a long life and low maintanence cost advantage
• Hi-performance plasma systems have been tested by hyperterm’s own labs.
• Between 0° C - 40° C, in a 95% humidity environment the machine can work 100% performance
• The system is simple easy to use design interface contains fewer parts
• Hi-performance Plasma Systems have CSA, NRTL/C,CCC and CE certificate
• Hyperterm has an ISO 9001:2000 certification
• All setting can be made directly from CNC

" Plasma Station
"• The System working with Arc Height Control
• Plasma Station Stroke with torch brake system
• Plasma Power Supply HYPERTERM Series
• Plasma Torch cooled with water and air.

" Automatic ArcSensor Torch Height Control THC
"• By the help of Arc Voltage Feedback Control , torch height positioning can be adjusted accurately which effects cutting quality positively.
• Safety precautions against crashes are taken mechanically and electronically.
• Fault and condition values can be determined from display screen easily.
• Optional breakaway is designed to reduce or eliminate damage to the torch due to accidental collisions in all axis
• System control can be viewed or can be transfered to cnc controller.
• High torque AC servo motor provides 25 kg load capacity.
• 200 mm maximum Z axis distance.
• 5 m/min maximum Z axis motion speed.

" ARC Glide THC Height Control
Using Hypertherm’s proprietary techniques, The Arc Glide THC continuously samples arc voltage and automatically adjusts arc voltage for proper torch height over the life of the consumables without requiring operator input.

3D - 5 Axis Cutting Head
Take the out of costly secondary operations such as grinding weld preparation with 5-axis Cutting Head. This plasma cutting bevel system is capable of cutting all bevel preparation as bevel pipe hole, sharp bottom & top Blind bevel, cone bevel, V, X, Y and K bevel cuttings.

Flame & Oxy Cutting Head
"• OHC Sensor distance kontrol system without touching to the material surface
• Distance control unit consist of Capacitive Sensor System and Motor Control System
• Torch protection system against any crash
• The torch console is dust-proof and ne need to maintenance
• Easy assembling
• Maximum output is 150 watt,
• Distance Control between 0.1'' ( 2,5mm) and 1.0'' ( 25 mm),
• Accuracy 0.01'' ( 0,25mm)
• Power input 24VAC +/- %10 50/60 Hz The oxy-fuel cutting system contents of Hypertherm capacitive Oxy Height Control and auto ignition.
• All cutting nozles are TANAKA (JAPAN) brand.
" Tube & Profile Cutting System
"• MITSUBBISHIi or SIEMENS AC Servo Motors and Drivers
• HYPERTHERM EdgePro CNC Control Unit
• Standart 30mm(min) – 440 mm(max) diameter cutting
• Automatic Nesting Software

Machine Speed
Positioning Accuracy
Torch Height Control
Control System
Plasma System
Cutting Table
Optional Auto Nesting Softwares
Lantek Expert Cut Software & Auto Nesting
TurboNest Auto Nesting Software
ProNest Auto Nesting Software

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