UZH Line

UZH Line Semi Hydraulic Tube Bending Machines
The UZMA UZH line series tube benders are semi hydraulic Machines with with Gear motor driven bending movement. The UZH Machines can be produced through the customer needs, requests and budgets with aditonal options. These Machines are one of the economical solution of mandrel tube bendings for small - medium productions.

Standard Accesories:
"*NC Control - PLC sistem 3,5"" touch screen (UZH 32 to 76)
*NC Control - PLC sistem 7"" touch screen (on UZH 90)
*Hydraulic Clamp
*Hydraulic Mandrel
*Manual Support (UZH 32 to 51)
*Hydraulic Support (UZH 76 & 90)
*Hydraulic Sledge (UZH 76 & 90)
*Hydraulic Mandrel retract system
*Gear motor driven bending movement
" Touch Screen NC Control
Hydraulic Mandrel
Hydraulic Support for Pressure Die
Vertical & Horizantal Support

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