UZC Line

UZC Line CNC Controlled Tube Bending Machines
* With models that extend from Ø38 mm up to Ø230 mm capacity, the UZMA CNC tube benders with 3 axis or 5 axis Machines brings the optimal tube bending solutions for the automotive, trucking, buses, healthcare, boiler, ship building and other industries. UZMA UZC line tube benders can offer the highest performance solutions, bringing accuracy, flexibility and high production.
* In CNC3 series tube benders with Servo Motor driven Bending Movement you can reach to the highest performance solutions for bending, bringing accuracy, flexibility and high production. Servo Motor driven Bending Movement is also available in CNC1 series as an option.
* The CNC3 series tube benders with multi tool system allows the pipe bending of fixed radiuses with bending tools and multiple large roll bending radiuses with rolling tool in a single part

Standard Accesories:
"*2D - CNC Control Unit
*15"" Touch-Screen
*3D Simulation
*Self diagnosis & error messages on-screen display
*3 Axis or 5 Axis
*CNC Controllded Full Automatic Tube Feeding & Turning Vehicle with servo motors
*Hydraulic Clamp
*Hydraulic Mandrel
*Hydraulic Support for pressure die
*Hydraulic Sledge (Bending Assist)
*Hydraulic Bending Movement
*Servo Motor driven Bending Movement ( Standard CNC 3 )
*Mandrel take out/retract system (Hydraulic)
*Oil Cooler
*Automatic Mandrel Lubrication
*Automatic System Lubrication
" "* CNC 1 ----- 1 bending tool UZMA UZC line CNC1 models are 3-axes machines ( Feeding, Rotation, Bending )
* CNC 3 ----- 3 bending tool or 2 bending tool + 1 rolling tool
UZMA UZC line CNC 3 models are 5 axes machines ( Feeding, Rotation, Bending, Horizontal tooling change, Vertical tooling positioning )
" Windows Based PC
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