Hybrid Series

"Hybrid Series
Standard Accessories:
● Y1-Y2-X-R-Z1-Z2 Axis & C-Axis (Crowning)
● Delem DA-66T 2D Graphical CNC touch screen control unit with 3D visualisation feature and Profile Lite T2D offline software
● Laser Safe Front Safety System
● Pendant control panel
● Servo Motorised 4 Axis Backgauge
● AC Servo motor driven Pistons (Y1-Y2 Axis)
● European (Promecam) Quick Release top tool clamping system
● CNC Table Crowning System with wedges
● Switched Side protection panels for safety
● Linear sliding front support arms
● Hybrid Hydraulic System
● High Stroke, High Daylight and High Speed

* The Fastest: 20 mm/sec
"It is a fast operating press brake using servo
motors and highly efficient pump."
* The Most Accurate: 0,01 mm
The Hybrid series press brake has high bending accuracy between +/- 0,01mm
* Eco – Friendly
The Hybrid series press brakes are eco-friendly using comparably less energy than a standard pressbrake.
* 65% Energy Saving
An average 65% energy saving when used in comparison to standard press brakes.
* Bending efficiency
Highest bending efficiency is achieved as no pressure is lost through proportional valves.
* Ease of maintenance
Y1 and Y2 axes have stand-alone oil tanks. Maintenance is conducted only when required making the machine easy to maintain.
* Quietest in its class: 63db
Noiseless (63db). One of lowest noise level among its competitors. (TÜV-SÜD certified).
* 3x longer system & pump life
System and pump have 3 times longer lifespan due to high quality components and smart running technology.
* No need to change oil for 5 years
New generation press brakes are developed to require fewer oil changes. You are not required to change the oil for 5 years.
* Oil does not heat up
Oil is more durable than ever because the oil does not heat up thanks to the pumping system which does not run when the machine is idle.
* Flawless bending
Provides flawless bending for small parts at different points.
* Reduced oil level: 95%
The amount of oil used within the machine has been reduced by 95% in comparison to standard hydraulic pressbrakes of the same specification. This again helps to reduce manufacturing costs.

"Energy Consumption :
* 95% less while idle between bends.
* 70% less during free fall.
* At least 50% saving when bending. (energy consumption increases as sheet thickness increases.)
* If delay time at end of bend is composed, then it is 84% less.
* 70% less consumption during return of the upper beam.

"Closed Circuit Hydraulic System
* No proportional valve.
* No hydraulic pipeline system.
* No oil leakage.
* Maintenance free.
* 6+6 lt. oil.
* 5 years oil life.

Due to the obligation of CE according to EN 12622 Norm, the bending speed will be max 10mm/sec on CE Certificated Machines.

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