TPP Line

TPP Line - Turret Punching Machine
UZMA high-tech TPP 7-27 and TPP 9-33 turret punch presses are produced as a closed type rigit Steel construction into a rigit structure, the finite analysis system was used in the design and simulation process to allow minumum deflection during operation. No deflection between the turret and tools occurs during the punching process and it increase tool life. TPP series turret punch presses has 2 models with 27 station/700 stroke and with 33 station/900 stroke which helps to finish all the work at onces even on very complicated sheet products. So UZMA turret punch presses provides a complete solution with optimum cost.

"Standard Accessories:
• Command foot pedal
• Portable/Free Standing Control Panel
• GE Fanuc 31i-PB CNC system
• Digital oil temparature indicator
• HL hydraulic system
• Thick turret system
• CAD, CAM software (Metalix or Lantek)
• Hydraulic oil cooling system
• Chain protection around the machine
• Software for using wheel and forming tools
• Programming on the control panel
• Clamp safety check system
• 3 pcs Automatic Repositioning clamps and loading switches
• Automatic lubrication system for tooling.
• Quick dropping of the ram and operation at short stroke for increased productivity
• Automatic referencing of sheet and clamps
• Backlash sensor on X axis
• Mixing table (brush+ball) with automatic ball bearing
• Scrap Box

" "Turret for TPP 7-27 ;
Turret contains 27 stations as below
• 11 pieces A Station - fix station
• 10 pieces B Station - fix station
• 1 pieces C Station - fix station
• 2 pieces D Station - fix station
• 2 pieces B Station - index station
• 1 pieces C Station - index station
" "Turret for TPP 9-33 ;
Turret contains 33 stations as below
• 15 pieces A Station - fix station
• 12 pieces B Station - fix station
• 2 pieces C Station - fix station
• 1 pieces D Station - fix station
• 3 pieces D Station - index station
" "Software
UZMA TPP 7-27 or TPP 9-33 turret punch pres comes standart with graphic programing software. Metalix or Lantek cnc-cad software offers the user an integrated system covering the complete cycle of CNC operation including:
Punch technolgy Auto punch, auto indexing, reposition, common cuts, etc. Advaced punch technolgy cnc-cad incorporates unique advanced Technologies to support advanced Machines and skilled users: Automatic reposition, clamp avoidance, strips, trim, single clamp movement, minimize tool rotation, tool path optimization

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